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A Journey from River Jeera to Golden BeacH
A young and enthusiastic sand Artist who has crossed several milestones in the field of Sand Art is none other than International acclaimed Sand Artist Sudam Pradhan. He was born from the womb of smt Manju Pradhan who is a house wife. His father Prahallad Pradhan is a farmer. From the very tender age he was attracted towards Sand Art. To materialize his dream he started tiny Sand Arts at the river bed of Jeera close to his village. When he was going to take bath with his mother to jeera he was making sand art at the river bed. He was sucking bliss by creating and destroying idols made by sand. During that time he was given applause from the visitors who were enjoying his sand art. That inspiration created inflammation in his mind and he dreamed to be reached at the pinnacle of Sand Art. Even he dreamed how his sand art can be displayed in the foreign countries. So he left Baragarh, his home city and landed at the holy city Puri in the year 2004. he started work at the Golden Beach where he received a wide spread commendation from the scores of tourists. This dynamic artist was confined to endorse his talent within the bracket of State Territory till 2005. However, his passion broke the barricade and he marched to showcase his talent in places out of the State border mid 2005 he went to Youth festival Kerala, youth exchange programme Goa, sand art summer camp Goa, international film festival Delhi, Festival of Westbangel ,Asha , chenni, shree shree ashram Banglore…….Etc People gave him colossal applause for his intricate work in Sand Art.

He has brought glory to the nation by wining 47 international sand art competition recently concluded in Japan. Through his sand art he has erected many social issues and earns applause globally. Because of his dedication and success in the field of art and culture he represents the youth mass of the area. His spirit, dream and success in this field can motivate, inspire and streamline many disturbed youth in to the main stream of life. I, hope one day he may reach the summit in his field and express the feelings and emotion of the people of Odisha.

His spellbound art were not confined within the geographical boundaries of India rather he unleashed the fence and went to abroad in order to showcase his talent. by his intricate Sand Art in the alien lands. Not only he is an exponent of sand art but also he has dexterity in sand animation. He says IJFC is the sole organization which buttresses me to marching abroad in order to showcase my talent. He says my aim is to explore the hidden talent of all the kids of the universe. So far at least 500 students got art training from his institute. He says my dream is to spread the Sand Art among the common people around the globe.

Pravash Singh
Member of parliament Loka sabha Bargarh









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